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221b BAKER STREET/Los Angeles welcomes you to an authentic recreation of the famed sitting room of Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Located in California's sunny San Fernando Valley, you'll find more than 300 rare items and furnishings related to the master detective. You'll also discover text and Canonical notations that will assist your visit.

The present incarnation of the room debuted with much acclaim in September of 1998 and was officially recognized by the mayor of the city of Los Angeles. I also invite you to join the BAKER STREET BUILDERS, the only scion society devoted to the study of the sitting room at 221b. We've attracted members from across the country as well as around the world.

Do visit our MERCHANTS PAGE offering a selection of limited edition prints and sculptures generated from my original artwork. As always, your patronage and correspondence is most welcome. So, bring the sitting room of Sherlock Holmes into your own home by visiting mine! Begin by clicking on the center of the photo.


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